Wonderful and Weird Facts About Wigs You Didn't Know

Did you know that wigs have been around for over 4,000 years and have been worn by everyone from ancient Egyptians to modern-day celebrities? But there's more to these hairpieces than meets the eye. Get ready to be amazed by these fun wig facts I bet your never knew!

Hair, Heat, and Wigs in Ancient Egypt

You have seen the pictures of ancient Egyptians and their locks, but what you may not know is that men and women of the upper class often shaved their heads because of the heat. In order to protect their heads from the sun, they would wear wigs. These wigs were an expression of who they were and defined their style, reputation and class.

Ancient Egyptian wigs were very diverse. Today, we have human hair and synthetic hair wigs. Back then, wigs were made from human hair, wool or even palm tree fibers. The strands were kept in place by mixing them with beeswax.

Men Used to Be The #1 Wig Wearers

King Louis XIV of France who started balding at a young age is infamously known for hiring 48 wigmakers to create custom wigs for him to use to hide his premature balding. Whether it was for work or to hide an unsightly bald spot, upper-class men including royalty were particularly known for wearing wigs.

Then There’s the Bigwigs

This term is normally used to connote the people in charge, or those who have the money and power to get things done. It comes from the large wigs worn by the upper-class French. These were often adorned with ornaments. It is said that a large ship ornament adorned one of Marie Antionette’s wigs.

Unused Wig Hair is Used for Odd Things

You would be amazed to hear what happens to unwanted hair that does not make the cut to be used in high-quality human hair wigs. Unlike you might think, unused hair is not simply thrown away, but rather used for various other purposes. Some of the other uses include making false eyelashes, fertilizers and stuffing. The most bizarre use, though, might be using hair to make amino acids, which are then used to make pizza dough.

The World's Most Expensive Wigs

It sold for about $75,000 and commemorated the Michael Jackson’s evolving aesthetic between 1990 and afterwards. It was sold at a private auction alongside copies of an authenticity document.

The wig is custom-crafted for Michael by USA Cap Weaver and is constructed of medium-length black human hair with lace in the front. The original foam stand was included in the auction.

Detail You might Have Missed in the "The Two Towers"

The second Lord of the Rings film, “The Two Towers,” had an enormous amount of armour, arrows, bows, and costumes made. But did you know it also had the most wigs ever created for a single movie?

It Takes Weeks to Craft a Quality Wig

Making one of those fabulous wigs usually take much longer than you might think. First, the hair is collected and sorted by length, then cleaned to remove dirt and lice. Next, it is washed, dried, and dyed in various colors. Finally, the wig-making process begins, which includes sewing the hair together with a needle and thread or a specialized sewing machine. This process can take up to two months to complete a custom wig.

Synthetic Wigs are Improving Rapidly

Imagine being able to achieve any hairstyle you desire without having to commit to a permanent cut or color. That's the beauty of synthetic wigs, and the quality and appearance of these wigs are improving rapidly. This has made them a popular choice for those seeking a fashionable and practical hairstyle. 

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