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Movie 🌟 star

This wig has so much potential I love the look, the curls are amazingly soft and I look goodt

STYLE ARCHIVE | Bouncy Shaggy Bang Wig
Love Love Love.

I love the look and the feel of this wig!

I love it!

I purchased 2 wigs. I was skeptical at first. But once they arrived, and I tried them on, I absolutely love them. I will definitely be ordering again. The photo is of only 1 of the wigs!


I love this wig so much that I have purchased two of them. It is light, bouncy and easy to style.

Fav wig now

I love this wig, it’s really soft and it doesn’t shed like crazy. I did cut the bangs though because they were too long for my liking. If your head is on the bigger side then it won’t fit because it’s tight fitted. It works for me because I recently cut my hair and my head is more medium to small but if your head is bigger then I wouldn’t recommend it. Also the wig does come straight but once you wash it, it’s on the wavier side which I don’t mind but yeah


The wig is amazing!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND IT IS EXACTLY LIKE A PICTURE!!! And it’s bouncy and timeless and I love it sooo much..I AM DEFINITELY BUYING ANOTHER ONE LOL

I love it!!

I love this wig, it’s easy for me to put on and it’s lovely. You may have to spray the curls with conditioner because it does get a little tangled. But as a beginner this wig is perfect!

Gorgeous, Amazing, worth it!!!

This wig is giving realness, human hair vibes, beach girl vibes and more. Straight from the box I loved it. My 4stars is because it kinda gets a little tangly after a few hours of wear So you have to keep running your hands through to get the ends free. It's not too much, but it's there. It's also cos it's soo long as well and is normal for synthetic fibres to tangle when really long. Ad for shedding, it's minimal. Even when brushing out the tangles so that's good. All in all... For the look and price, it's worth it! I personally love it.

Lovely hair

I just love my hair. It's easily maintained and easy to style and wear.

My first wig and got so many compliments. Now I’m hooked can’t get off the website lol buying more.

Loving it

I love this unit so easy to manage you can even give it touch up with curling iron but mostly just play with it and go

STYLE ARCHIVE | Dakota | Throw On & Go Ocean Wave Blonde Brown No Lace Premium Fiber Bang Wig
Antonica Rebelo
Magnificc 🥰

The wigs are simple amazing,so easy ,so effortless,I'm so happy ,I order so many , waiting for the pics it 5star

Big Bold Beautiful..

I absolutely loved this wig! Should of bought 2. It became my new favorite one.

It really is a gorgius unit

Had this for a while an it never gets old

High Density Messy Curly

My 4th Wig From Gorgious. Never Disappoints!!! #StayGorgius


I'm a fan,this unit is beautiful on compliments keep coming as well the way it flows,the curls,the length love it

Love love love

So when the hair cane i was a little nervous cause it didn’t look thick enough but once i installed it babyyyyyyy that wig did a completely 360!! I absolutely love this hair and will definitely be ordering again and was exactly what i wanted. Very soft, no shedding, super full… absolutely gorgeous.

This hair activated SELFIE MODE!

I was hesitant about purchasing from a new site but every time the ad came up.... I just wanted to be her! Once I put it on there was no doubt, I needed 20 Selfies from 20 angles. Lol, Selfie mode activated!!


This hair is really nice! The natural part looks realistic. The hair is soft & fluffy! YouTube Lizzglams for hair review

STYLE ARCHIVE | Bouncy Shaggy Bang Wig

I really like this curly bang wig from Gorgius Hair. The curl pattern is pretty and colors well. I added some highlights to mine. I am looking forward to buying more units.

Tangles? Brush it Off !!

The detangler brush is AWESOME ! it doesn't pull out hairs it's able to be used with all the bristles or just the front tips!

Real Me

This wig gave me Chaka the compliments I received was on 💯. I see more of this fiber wig. Let me order 1 or 2


Definitely what I was looking for. Throw on and go. May need to trim the bangs to your liking but so worth the price. Just get it

Braided wig

Very nice wig shipping was very fast received in 3 days wig is very nice and very light weight love that it came decorated did have to add some make-up to make it look more realistic will order again love it