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I’ve worn wigs 15 years and this one is my fave! I got more compliments in 1 night than I’ve ever received! I felt young and cute lol. I didn’t glue it Down but it looked real!!! Love it!!! Worth every penny

Great wig! Soft and love the loose curls! You can shampoo and condition just like your own hair. Plus, it holds its curl pattern after shampooing

I like how the bang just keeps up. I comb it and it stays curly. I recommend this wig due to it's beauty and comfort on the head.

This wig have gotten me so many compliments, this even was a favorite of mine and my ppl around me.

Yll. I absolutely love this wig, it’s soft and it super easy to throw on and off.

I love my new wig. It is absolutely gorgeous 😍

Boho Curly Bang Wig

I got this Gorgius Boho Curly Bang wig for my birthday! To say I love this unit is an understatement! I will definitely be getting more units from this company!!! Are you all Looking for a brand ambassador? I’m interested! I will leave NO crumbs on every unit that comes my way 😉

Great value, easy to wear! A must have.

This wig is everything for me. The style , color and the curls are lovely.

OMG, I'm so excited about my new wig! It's my second one and it's amazing! Feels soft & natural like real hair should. I'm wearing it to the Coachella music festival and it's perfect for creating a relaxed, free-spirited look. I'll post a picture of the second one. It's super easy to use! Just take it out of the box, put it on, and comb it. Trust me, they may be pricy but the quality is worth it

Boho Curly Bang Wig
Geraldine Dupree
Shining Star!

Love my new wig everything they said it would be and more!! 🤩

beyond beautiful ☺️

I love everything about this wig. It is beyond beautiful. Thank you ☺️

Nice hair

Hi we talked about me returning my wig. But I decided to keep it my hair stylist cut and trimmed it for me, just a tad to much hair for me. But I like it the color is cute and I received a lot of compliments. I may keep looking and maybe you might have a cute short unit that just might catch my attention. Thank you for your attention to my issue and being a internet company that is real and care about your clients.

It's gorgeous 😍

I love this wig so much!! Must have!


I did not want to believe the hype about this wig, but let me tell you it is my favorite wig by far!! I literally wanna throw away all my other wigs! I am 100% going to get another one! Talk about throw it on & go...never going back to any other company's wigs again, thank you Gorgius ❤

Absolutely gorgeous

I just received my absolutely gorgeous wig. I love it it’s comfortable I love the texture and soft. This will be my go to while I’m preserving my edges. Thank you darling.

New attitude!

I love it! It fits tight, I have a small head. Hope to be making future purchases. I really like to honey blonde. But I can do this! 🥰

Can you do this in a honey blonde? I love it!

Can you do this in a honey blonde?


Everyone tells me how much they like my hair when I wear this wig. It's normal for women to do this, but when my brother-in-law and a few other men said it, I knew this wig was a winner!

I recently purchased a synthetic wig from this website and I am absolutely in love with it! I was a little hesitant at first to buy a wig made of synthetic fiber instead of real hair, but after trying it on, I was blown away by how natural it looked and felt.

The Premium Style-Archive Fiber used in this wig is truly amazing. It's soft and silky to the touch, and it moves and flows just like real hair. I was especially impressed with the 1-BRUSH-STYLIST, which allowed me to easily style the wig and achieve a voluminous, gorgeous look with just one brush stroke.

I wore this wig to a special occasion and received so many compliments on my hair! It made me feel confident and beautiful, and I didn't have to worry about my hair falling flat or losing its shape throughout the night.

Overall, I highly recommend this wig to anyone looking for a high-quality, convenient, and glamorous option. It's the perfect choice for special occasions or just everyday wear when you want to feel your best.

Never miss!

Love this unit.. so versatile and easy to maintain. A little shedding but it’s overall my favorite. Delivery was quick and this is my second wig from
This company!

Love it!!

I fell in love ASAP! As soon as I put it on !


This wig is it!

Wow wow

I love the hair! The texture, the feel and the finished look is exactly what the website and other users have raved about!