Why Style-Archive Fiber™ Wig: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

What's the story behind Gorgius newly-launched synthetic hair? We know you have a lot of doubts in your mind. Luckily we got the ultimate guide for you babes. Get acquainted and you'll soon be on your way!

 Why is it called Style-Archive™ fiber?

It's not uncommon to find a synthetic wig that you can pull out of its box and place directly onto your head. This is because hair has something called style retention. This basically means that synthetic hair will retain its style.

Our intention is to create an archive (Simply put, a collection of your fashion pieces, which we believe includes hair as a crucial component.) , for you to store your looks in effortlessly. That's why we named it 'Style-Archive™ Wig', as it captures the essence of preserving your style profile over time.

To achieve this, we have utilized sophisticated technology to develop natural looking fiber hair with better shape memory. Read on to discover how it's really done!

 What’s the difference between Style-Archive premium fiber wigs and other types of synthetic wigs?

There is a fundamental difference in their raw materials, leading to varying qualities and pricing.

Common synthetic wigs are made of low-quality materials such as acrylic, polyester, or fine PVC. They feel stiff and dry to the touch and usually last for 2-3 months. It is easy to identify them and human hair with the naked eye.

Style-Archive™ fiber wigs are a blend of Remy human hair and high-end FUTURA materials, achieved through 300+ trial and error tests to achieve the golden blending ratio, which enhances the style retention of synthetic hair, while retains the softness and naturalness of human hair. It even replicates the cuticle layer of human hair, enhancing its natural appearance and making it nearly indistinguishable from real hair. 

FUTURA, the most human-hair like fiber, also has a unique characteristics called CLEAN, which is to prevent static and weathering, allowing hair to maintain a good style even in bad weather.

Why not opt for a wig that looks and feels like human hair without the $$$! Read on to address your unique concerns.

 Will it have a fake shine?

Supported by the ultimate simulating technology just mentioned, fake shine won’t be a problem. Style-Archive™ fiber wig does not have an exaggerated shine that common synthetic wig has; instead, it has a natural luster that makes the hair look healthy and nourished.

 Does it get tangled easily?

We boldly declare: No! it's a breeze to comb through and won't get tangled easily. Our tangle-resistant technique allows you to comb your hair over 20 times without any knots, and the wig can withstand 7-10 washes. Even if it gets tangled, it can be effortlessly restored. See how the magic happens!


Looking to add even more styling? No problem! It can withstand temperatures up to 380 ℉. Switch up your moods at will.

No matter what hairstyle, comfort and high quality are the first core we pursue. Did reading this guide give you a better understanding of Style-Archive™ premium fiber wigs? Try one out and feel the game-changing power for yourself!

 I'm mine before I'm anyone else's. 

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