Fiber Wig Clean & Maintain? We Collect All the Tips and Tricks

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No matter what type of hair, fiber hair, human hair, or even your own hair, treating it the right way is the only and ultimate way to long durability and healthy looking.

The cleaning step of fiber wig is similar to human hair wig, but you will need extra tips and tricks to help you manage it well! Let's go over it quick and easy!

Brush & Detangle

Removing tangles is very important for fiber wigs! And here’s tip no.1: Don’t do it top to bottom, the best way is to start at the ends, working your way up towards the roots, section by section.

Tip no.2: Use the right type of brush to treat different curls! The most commonly used is wide-tooth comb it’s the perfect tool for most wavey and curly hairs. And for the more delicate curls types like spiral curls, Yaki, and Kinky texture hairs (Yes! We do have fiber hairs that perfectly replicate the texture hair types!) we would recommend to finger-detangle since it’s more gentle and flexible. Or you can also use the detangler bush with widely spaced flexi-bristles that are dedicated to “unmanageable” curl types. As for loose waves, and bone straight hairs, a paddle brush may be a better choice.

Wash & Care

Fill a basin with cool or lukewarm water and dissolve a small amount of shampoo into it, better use wig shampoo but your regular one will do. Then swish the wig around in the water for a few minutes, but don't scrub or rub it, as this can damage the fibers. After soaking wet the wig, rinse it thoroughly by swish and dunk. Tricks: Try to keep the flow of the water running with the wig’s hair shape so the hair doesn’t tangle.

Here comes another “unskippable” step CONDITION. It’s the best way to avoid further frizzing and tangling. The same as the wash process, dissolve conditioner into the cool or lukewarm water and soak the wig for 2-3 minutes. Rinse the wig thoroughly and follow the same tricks.

Pat Dry & Hair Dry

Use a clean, soft towel to gently pat the wig dry, removing any excess water. Be gentle and avoid rubbing or twisting the wig. Hang your wig or place it on a wig stand to air dry completely. Tips: Air dry is the simplest and hassle-free way, don’t wring it or use any blow dryer, as it will get your hair tangled and mess up.


Last but not least Storage! Our premium Style-Archive fiber can retain its curls and shape even after times of cleaning processes so you don’t need to restyle it with heat tools or a blow dryer. Just brush back the definition and your style is good to go. If you want to keep your wig for your next switch-up, you can spray it with a detangler and then wrap it in the come-with package bag, which is made from anti-static material that can help to extend the wig's lifespan.


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