2023 Updates! Break the stereotype of Human Hair Wigs & Fiber Wigs

Human hair wigs are always expensive? Fiber wigs are cheap in quality and always look like fake barbie hair or clown wig? That’s all stereotypes!

For many of you that are big fans of human hair wigs, you've already known that some brands (we are proud to be one of those) make good quality human hair wigs at a more friendly price. And for those who haven't kept eyes on synthetic hair, we want to update your image. Keep rolling down maybe you will open a new door to wigs and fashion!

There are more and more celebrities choose fiber hair, like Arian Grande’s classic half up half down, it’s because the whole standard and technology of fiber hair have enhanced.

Some premium fiber hairs (like ours) can even perfectly replicate the soft touch and natural shade of human hair, but has style retention (we call it Style-Archive) and price-friendly features that human hair can’t do. Of course, fiber hair can’t compete with human hair in versatility and durability but you will never know. To save you all the trouble of comparing between, we did the work for you.

From the touch, hairstyle, to the color, our premium fiber wigs bring you the ultimate luxury! Let’s guess which one is fiber hair wig? Click the picture to reveal the answer!

In all, hair is a piece of your fashion style just like your outfit and makeup, you can stick with the type and style you really fell for, or combine every possible option to maximize your fashion expression. It's all up to you! Want to know more about how our premium Style-Archive Fiber can do? Check this out! 

 Take time to make your soul happy. 

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