Style-ArchiveTM Fiber? How Fiber Wigs Go Premium and Elevate Your Style Expression!

What celebrity inspired style you always want to try but have get the move? Sleek bone straight? Retro blonde waves? Bold color highlight? Soft flowing mermaid waves?

Love the style but hate the styling? We totally understand it! Some curls patterns are tricky to maintain (need a stylist so badly!). That’s why and how our Style ArchiveTM fiber comes in and helps you save all the work and MONEY of course!

 HOW? We elevate your style expression!

With generations of innovations, fiber hair has actually become a pretty good hair alternative. It has the best style retention feature so your curls and shape will not get out of shape over time and use, even the trickiest styles. But it did not get enough credit! We blame the limited good choice of the market, you can just find cosplay-like one-time wigs or boring style wigs. So we took a further step than others from making the fiber hair ultimately natural (we already did this) to making it a versatile match-all piece in your fashion wardrobe.

See our social trending, celebrity signature, and stylist exquisite styles archived! We've got so many compliments on “Amazing but not too much out there!”

 WHAT? Fiber hair go premium!

We call our fiber hair collection #1-BRUSH-STYLIST, is it vivid enough LOL? Cause all your need is 1 brush (sometimes may just use your fingers as a brush) the hair definition will be clearly stated as pictured, you can easily realize the style just like a hairstylist.

The no.1 judgement of fiber hair is tangling, and we make 3 big moves in solving it. In structure our fiber hair perfectly replicates the human hair structure, giving it the best realistic soft touch. And we add extra healthy hair sleekness and dust proof finish to the hair, overall making the hair easier to detangle than ever! Dare to say at least 2.5X easier!


Here we move to solve the no.2 argument of fiber hair – shine naturalness. Many low-quality fiber hairs are shimmer and mono-tone and look nothing like human hair. We settle this with our unique color-blend craftsmanship! We add extra hand pick and blend processes to best resemble the variable shade of human hair. And our well-design sleek finish reflects less fake shiny light but creates healthy natural hair.

 Premium Fiber FAQs! Activated every hair

We make our hair breezy and pliant with your moves just like human hair, accessories, hack styles, ponytails, half up half down, are all possible!

▶ Can I use heat tool on the wig?

Yes! Our premium fiber is 100% heat resistant, you can style it with hot tools like curling wand, flat iron, hot comb, etc., and your hair will memorize your new style. The optimal styling temperature is 320-360℉ | 160-180℃.

▶ Can the hair be dyed?

Since our fiber wig already came in vibrant and stable color with natural sleek finish, we do not recommend dying it which will damage the natural luster. If you really want to do it, you can do it with the special dye dedicated to fiber and synthetics.

▶ How long can the wig lasts?

Our easier-to-brush feature makes our wig last a lot longer than other fiber wigs reaching an average of 6+ months for regular use-frequency (compared to an average of 1 year for good quality human hair but 3X more shorter in price). No matter fiber hair or human hair, maintenance is the key, if you do it right it can outlive human hair.

For more care and maintenance tips, please stay tuned for our future blogs updates!

 Treat yourself to new hair. 

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