6 Ways To Make Your Human Hair Wig Last Longer

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Whether you buy wigs for the purpose of fashion, hair loss, or any other reason, it is significant that we take care of the wig to make it a worthy investment.

Generally, 100% human hair wigs can last 1 year, if under proper maintenance, they can be used 2-3 years. But, how to maintain it properly? Follow these tips for hair care:

1. Don’t wear “her” too often!

Not saying not to wear a wig everyday, we’re saying we shouldn’t wear the same wig everyday.

If you wear wig everyday, you should consider buying two wigs to rotate them in between styles. Besides, rotating will allow you to take good care of your wig on her “Off” days.

2. Take a shower for “her” every 7-14 days in proper routine.

As we say human hair wigs, they’re just like our own hair. Therefore, she needs to be treated & maintained properly with a gentle wash routine.

Shampooing your wig during suitable time helps to ensure greater durability, the appearance of the human hair wig’s health & texture preservation and feelings.

What you don’t want is to over wash your wig, so it’s better to wash her every 7-14 days. Cleanse it thoroughly with a cleanser, condition it, rinse properly and leave no residue and carefully dry it with towel and leave it to fully air dry on a wig stand.

3. Lower the heat while styling for “her”

Everyone knows high heat can damage hair, the same as it to wigs. While using high heating tool on your wig, she might get hurt, dry, brittle, split ends, and the hair even loses her natural shine. Your wig doesn’t repair like natural hair, so the damage will be permanent.

It is suggested to lower the heat while styling your wig. Use low heat to blow dry, straighten and curl and keep away from the roots, making sure you use lots of heat styling products and products for human hair care.

4. If needed, dye “her” professionally.

Styling wigs is an entirely different process than styling natural hair. If you want to change up the style a bit of your human hair wig, you can do you own customization. However, getting professional help in dyeing your wig will save you lots of trouble! It’s significant to have a stylist to get you some tips or tricks for styling your wig without damaging it.

5. Store “her” properly

Always store your human hair wig on a wig stand or mannequin away from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight when you’re not using your wig. Wig stands help in keeping your wig from tangling & storing properly. If you do not use your wig often, you may also store her in the original satin bag and box away from humidity.

6. Use bonnet if you have to sleep in your human hair wig

There are lots of tension while you’re sleeping because of those combs & the fragile lace attached. You may encounter a tear or the combs can actually damage your natural hair due to friction.

However, if you choose to sleep with you wig on, ensure that you’re protecting her from any friction-related damage by covering your wig with a silk scarf or satin bonnet & sleeping on a silk pillowcase.


Remember a human hair wig is an investment and she’s like any investment you’re looking for a good return. Read carefully the above tips. Properly maintaining and caring for a real hair wig will pay off.

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  • Viola Evans

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