You Definitely Need These Going To The Gym!

Best Workout Hairstyles That You’ll *Actually* Want to Wear

Did you put any effort into your workout hairstyle? Believe in or not, you definitely love the styles that are not only effective at keeping your hair out of your face while you sweat, but are also actually cute & can be worn pretty much any other time as well.
So if you’re a runner, yogi, or weight lifter and want a new hairstyle to look at in the gym mirror, I got you. Ahead, the 21 best workout hairstyles on Instagram right now.

1. Headband Wig

Simply tight back the hair into a bun to secure flyaways ensuring you get through your workout without another thought to the hair. The attached silky headband also serve as a great sweat towel right at your hairline, preventing sweating. Adding an extra headband with the patterns you like for more stylish look.

2. Natural Hair + Non-slip Sweat Wicking Headband

An option for natural hair is to go for a high pony puff. This is one of the easiest workout hairstyles for your hair type. You can also wear it as your post-workout hairstyle. Perfect match with a thick non-slip headband to lay your edges if you want to give your style a lil zhuzh. Not only are they fashionable, but they’ll also keep your hair out of your face without having to do much. They also serve as a great sweat towel right at your hairline, preventing the sweat from spreading down the strand and causing your hair to frizz or revert back to its air-dry texture.

3. Single/Double Puffs

If you have short hair but want to wear a cute puff, you can try this single puff ponytail or get 2 of it to make the double puffs. It also match with the Non-slip Sweat Wicking Headband.

4. Pixie Short Cut

Rihanna-inspired pixie short cut is always trendy! With a pixie short hairstyle, you’re probably already having some pretty simple gym hairstyles.

5. Box Braided Half Up & Down

It’s leg day and you peep yourself in the mirror with this cute half-up box braid style. As long as you’re doing a low-impact workout, half up & down style will be enough to keep it out of your way.

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