Wig Install Tutorial! All Tricks You Need to Know

If you are a wig newbie, here's the handy tutorial for you. If you are a wig pro, let's take a closer look at the effortless premium fiber. How time-saving it will be, you will never know!


 Trick no.1
If you want your install to last long, glue down your wig cap first. Remember to brush your edge back and get as little glue on your actual hair for real protective styling.

 Trick no.2
Be patient with your glue, let it dry completely or it will easily lift up. You can always use a blow dryer to speed up the drying.

 Trick no.3
Use your foundation to tint your wig cap (the hairline and parting area) and also the wig lace, so they can blend with your skin tone perfectly.

 Trick no.4
If you are using a wig adhesive to hold the wig tight, make sure to apply the glue in a thin layer and wait until it dries and turns clear. Then, you can apply a second layer to make the glue stronger.

 Trick no.5
Use small scissors to cut the lace in the middle first, then cut along the hairline from side to side. To make the hairline look more natural, try cutting it in a zigzag pattern.

 Additional Trick: How to define a glueless wig?
Glue can be a hassle! If the wig cap size fits your head shape and it has elastic bands and combs to secure the wig, you can wear it Glueless!


 More Solutions?

If you hate all the tinting and gluing, try switching up to a bang wig style. It will no longer require hairline processing, while still keeping a small area of parting to make it look super natural. Shake & Boom!

If your no.1 enemy is lace-cutting, it's not hard to solve that by Pre-cut Lace Wig. LOL, when there's a problem, there's always a solution around!

 Either I Will Find A Way, Or I Will Make One. 


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