Why You’ll Be Seeing The Curly Shaggy Style Everywhere This Summer

Girl, you ain't trippin' - This is a wig!

Get ready to embrace your natural curls this summer, because the shaggy curly hair trend is taking the beauty world by storm. You may have already seen many fashionable celebrities and influencers rocking this style on Instagram or TikTok. But why is the shaggy curly hair trend so popular right now? Well, let's dive in!

A quick glimpse of how A-listers are rocking this trend

With longer hair, Ciara shows how the shag cut can still look stunning. The addition of plentiful layers can provide any haircut with added body and volume.

Zendaya, one of the most beloved icons by Gen Z, is also a big fan of full, voluminous shaggy curly hair. See how she proves the look!

The fun style falls just above Rihanna’s shoulders and features face-framing layers and tons of volume for an effortless, rockstar feel.

What’s so trendy about it

A curly shag is made with textured layers and choppy ends that create movement and volume. The shaggy layers release weight from your hair, allowing it to have more shape and air to move around. It’s a versatile match for everything from natural, relaxed vibes, edgy rock ‘n’ roll, to modern urban fashion. That's a big part of why it's popular. Rather than being a specific hairstyle, “The shag is all about your attitude,' says Gorka Arraras, head of creative at Charles Worthington Salons.

Relaxed shag

Wavy shag with soft fringe

The midi curly shag

The shag hairstyle is defined broadly with varied look. We’re not go into the details of each here. The point is, own them with confidence!

How to style the shag hair cut

The shag is a really easy look to style – ideal if you’re a wash and go kind of girl. “The cut is completely designed around your personal hair texture so no need to battle with heat styling,” says Craig. “A simple diffuse dry will create the perfect shag look.”

Or, just save the hassles and get the come-styled look(With a strong curl memory & Throw on and go). Take a look at the most favored premium fiber wig - Fearless Natural, which is a mid-length curly shag look that draws inspiration from these trends. The layered, fluffy, and human-hair like texture brings a touch of casual elegance to your look. See these looks slayed by Gorgius babes.

 Be a warrior, not a worrier. 

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