What Do You Know About Gorgius Special Wig Structure: A Comprehensive Guide

The foundation of a wig is a cap, which is made from a stretchy material such as nylon or lace. The cap is used to hold the hair in place and create a secure, comfortable fit.

By using high-quality materials and innovative construction techniques, Gorgius is able to offer a wide range of special cap structures that meet the needs of a diverse group of users.


 Y-Shape Lace Wig

As the name suggests, the Y-shape lace area makes the forehead more natural, is the best match for bang wigs, curtain bangs style. There are 3" and 4" hair parting depth for you to choose from.

Customers' Pick

 Gorgius Springy Curly Y-Shape Swiss HD Lace Wig


 Wide T Lace Wig

Wide T lace is made of HD lace with a pre-plucked hairline, making your wig more natural than tranditional T part wigs.

 Customers' Pick

 Coastal Chic | Wide T HD Lace Bohemian Style Lob Wig


 True Scalp Wig

The lace on the top mimics a true scalp / realistic parting, giving you a more natural bangs look. With HD lace, it's breathable and comfortable.

Customers' Pick

Retro Barbie | Yaki Straight True Scalp Bang Wig


 Umbrella-Shaped Lace Wig

Compared to traditional T part wigs, umbrella-shaped lace wigs offer a wider middle parting area and plucking area, providing you with a more natural and versatile look.

Customers' Pick

Toffee Tresses | Big Water Wave Bohemian Style Lob Wig 

All caps are made of breathable materials to bring you a comfortable experience. What suits you is the best. Choose your favorite type according to your needs!

 I was born worthy.  

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