Summer Needs More Colors! Bold Refreshing Hair Color Inspo

Welcome to JUNE! The month full of colors, music, and the excitement of summer kick-off.

If you want to try something latest, something bold in this vibrant month, here are the hottest trends you can’t miss! LET’S GO ON!

Viva Magenta!

Burgundy hair is becoming a new hit this year, with Viva Magenta named as the color of the year. The shade is noted as 'powerful and empowering'—it's the perfect lively, standout color for sunny summer times.

And you can not believe how this color flatters dark skin. If you are also into the fancy romantic mermaid curls, remember to check out our Magenta Splash. You will be making a splash.

Magenta Splash
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When it’s Hot Pick Something Cool!

When it’s too hot out there, pick the chill-iest color to make it super cool. Metallic silver is the color to make it ROCK!

Choosing a hair color that contrasts with your skin tone is the perfect way to create a refreshing and slightly dramatic look in summertime. And maybe keep some dark roots to make the whole style more natural.

We prepare 2 different silver styles for you one is silky wavy Silver Galaxy, and the other is bouncy curly Titanium Rock.

Silver Galaxy

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Titanium Rock

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Refreshing Ginger Ale

If black and white is your outfit style, then cheer it up with the passionate Ginger hair! While orange may be too dramatic and red-tone ginger too Fall-ish, an in-between ginger shade is flawless. Of course, we won't leave you in the trouble of researching; check out Flamboyant Ginger Orange.

Ginger Orange @pinterest Bruna Ramos | Shop Similar Hair

If you only want a touch of ginger and keep things natural, try the ginger highlight brunette style Fiery Touch.

A Daily Shade but Still Worth to be Mentioned

Brownish Little Mermaid Red! Who can resist this sprightly color! Unlike Magenta, the brownish undertone soften the shade and makes it wonderful flattering color for every skin tone. There’s no reason to not mention it. VintageRed

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How to choose the color for my skin tone?

It depends on a lot of factors like your skin tone, undertone, hair texture, and even your style and personality.

If you want a bold, bright color, take time to research the inspo shares and the maintenance skills before your big investment in both time and money.

Wigs for temporary look!

If you’re unsure of the hair color or you just want to switch your style occasionally, in this circumstance, the friendly priced but good quality wigs are your best friends.

If you’re unsure of a hair color or don’t want a permanent color, you can rock-colored wigs or weaves (like in braids) to add some color to your hair without it being permanent.


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