Spring Transformation! Let's Find Out the Poping Shades

The beautiful outdoor season comes again! Are you ready for the new look transformation and new selfie shooting? Here are the trending shades that will make you the standout in your spring events! Roll down to get the inspiration!

Honey Blond Honey Brown

Everyone is asking for honey tones every spring! You know what? Our queen Beyonc plays it around from honey blond to honey brown. Forgive me for putting so many pics I just love the queen.
Honey Blond Spring Hair Inspo
Honey Blond Spring Hair Inspo
Honey blond is always our queen’s favorite, and this spring she did the bone straight style again. It really give a sense of refreshment and breezy. Our Soft Rebel was inspired by it.


Honey Brown Spring Hair Inspo Honey Brown Spring Hair Inspo
If you are looking for something more elegant but not plain, honey brown shade with layered loose waves is your best friend. We call it Honey Spice!  


Little Mermaid Red

This ginger red tone is soaring! Imagine this vivid color reflecting various shades from ginger to red under the sunlight, it’s the color that even celebs would not let go. What’s more the expect? This shade seems to compliment all complexions!
Ginger Red Spring Hair Inspo
Ginger Red Spring Hair Inspo
Ginger Red Spring Hair Inspo

If you are looking for the same shade & quick switch up, we have Vintage Red featuring the same color and long vintage ringlet curls. And we also recommend Red on the Beach, a shorter collarbone-length style with casual beach waves for the season.


Black As Always But Different

Stick with natural hair is also a perfect choice. Sleek jet black has irresistible charms and you can also choose a softer black that looks even more lived-in and natural. When natural hair comes with long flowing curls, you totally got the diva vibe. 
Natural Hair Spring Hair Inspo
Natural Hair Spring Hair Inspo
Check out our Long For style maybe that’s the ideal one you long for in the season.


💃Switch it up! Get new looks and mega compliments 🤳❤️‍🔥.



 In Winter I Plot, In Spring I Move 

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