Revamp Your Hair Game with Spring Collection: Bohemian Style

Bohemian hairstyles, also known as "Boho" hairstyles, are a type of free-spirited, eclectic hairstyle that originated in the 1960s. This style is characterized by its natural, effortless, and carefree look, which incorporates elements of nature, such as flowers and braids, into the hair.

Inspired by this style, we have developed the Bohemian line. The lightness and comfort of human hair is combined with the free and spontaneous core of bohemian delivery. The products are all made of human hair, mainly curly, covering lengths from 12" to 28", with a wide range of styling possibilities.

@realgsimone wearing Feathery Flow

This unit features a feathery lightness and an overall layered cut that adds dimension without reducing volume from top to bottom. Perfect for traveling and taking pictures.

@eli_blackbarbie wearing Maple Leaf

As its name, this wig dances with the color of maple leaves. With a natural-looking hairline and a rich, the warm maple shade is sure to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. 

@brelicious_feelings wearing Exotic Flair

The big boho waves with an exotic flair give you a gracious and confident overall look. It's a flawless yet upgraded alternative to closure.

@s.alemm wearing Sandy Shores

This wig boasts falling curls that start off straight at the top and gradually become more pronounced as they flow down the hair. The effortless transition gives the wig a casual and relaxed vibe. 

@thatchickbriana wearing Ocean Breeze

This wig features a texture that is similar to the ocean wave, but it is slightly looser and more laid-back, perfect for beach vacations and summertime wear.

@lolquria wearing Mahogany Wave

This wig features speical-designed pinkish-purple tones added to the trending reddish brown. The natural front cowlick makes your forehead more pretty.

Embrace your inner boho and enjoy lightness and purity brought by the feather-light hair, click BOHO WIGS. Exclusive gifts will be given in limited time for purchasing series products!


 Take time to make your soul happy

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