It’s Time To Upgrade Your Look From A True Scalp Bang Wig

How to make the acquisition of a natural look more effortless is what Gorgius has been pursuing. In the evolution of bangs style, we have developed the True Scalp Series. which we believe is going to change the game.


Traditionally, bang wigs were not made with lace. The hair top is not natural enough and sometimes the wefts can get revealed. True Scalp Bang Wig allows you to avoid these worries using the same install way.



The lace is made of the highest-end Swiss lace and has been pre-bleached to better flatter your skin tone and let your scalp breathe. Not just a small round piece of lace, we added a 1X3 inch lace to mimic the parting of the real head.



We want to make it easy to enjoy a beautiful moment whenever you want to. Wig influencers on Tik Tok share these "life-saving" and easy beauty moments under our offcial hashtag #1minnatural. Let's see if their creativity hits you.


The new definition of "What Wig?" by @debyoscar 

 @debyoscar Tag your work bestie. #1minnatural #worklife #workbestie #bestie #fypシ #foryou #work #wiglife #wigtok #quickhairstyle #quickhairtutorial #blacktiktok #crush #workhusband #workbae ♬ original sound - Deby Oscar 

Is it that smooth? Who's has been influenced? @ladane.abdourahman

@ladane.abdourahman We call this one “the 1 min wig”#1minnatural #gorgius #gorgiusmoments ♬ Alone - Burna Boy  

Wig: My Own Muse


This time we have rebuilt trust! @sapphieruiz

@sapphieruiz He was ready to leave me 😳 luckily I used the 1 minute wig from @Gorgius ! Link to unit in bio! Code Sapphire15 for 15% off your order! #foryou #1minnatural #gorgiuswig ♬ original sound - Sapphie

Wig: Begin Again


  OKAY EDNA ! Pull yoself together! @gorgius_official #1minnatural #gorgiusmoments #wigtok #gorgiuswig #wigreview ♬ original sound - Gabby✨ 
 Wig: Leon & Matilda


We always love some curly curly! @mariannemrc 

@mariannemrc ready in 5 min ⌛️😋 #1minnatural #wiginstal #fypシ #hairstyle #BeautyTok ♬ Made You Look - Meghan Trainor

Wig: "Talk To Me"


Get your hands on a True Scalp Bang Wig and join the topic! With its innovative features and hassle-free design, you’ll be glad you did.


Let your hair do the talking.


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