How to Maintain and Restore Your Synthetic Wigs Like a Pro

Hey there! Are you a fan of synthetic wigs, but struggle with keeping them looking their best? Well, don't worry, with today's step-by-step lookbook, you can handle the tricky-to-maintain synthetic babes like a pro!

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1. We’ll start up by detangling the hair from the end. It’s recommended to using a detangling brush or a paddle brush. Work your way up section by section. Patient, half way the success with a good start!

Finished brushing it out, it looks pretty good, but still need to get a thoroughly clean since the hair and cap are dirty and they directly touch your scalp and skin.

2. Fill with lukewarm water, do not wash it in running water or hot water because it can make it excessive and prone to tangling. Can use any shampoo, dissolve a small amount of shampoo into it, soak the wig in and make it soaking wet.

3. Clean up also the make up and glue on the part line, dip in there, put a splash of shampoo on the part line and massage the lace a little bit, scrub from the underside not form the top to avoid tangle up, BE GENTLE.

4. Give it a good couple dunks to wash away impurities and make it smoother. Also get extra cleaning on the stiff hair to clean up the hairspray and sweat, put a splash of shampoo, lightly going in the direction the hair flows. 

5. Finally, rinse it thoroughly by swish and dunk. Squeeze it out and put aside.

Alright, you've nailed the most crucial part! Now, let's move onto the final stretch.

6. Refill with cool water and dunk it. This allows the hair to be thoroughly cleaned and helps to maintain the original color and reduce deformation of the materials.

7. Use a towel to gently pat the wig dry, be gentle and avoid rubbing or twisting the wig. Give the hair a good brush and blow dry the hair all the way through section by section.

8. Style back the orginal look based on the curls shape. Perm rod set, curling iron or straightener is good to go.

9. If you want to keep your wig for your next switch-up, spray some detangler and then wrap it and put it in the come-with package bag, it is made from anti-static material that can help to extend the wig's lifespan.

So there you have it! Take the time to care and you'll be amazed at how gorgeous you'll look! The example wig is after 1 month of almost daily wear, if you wear your synthetic wigs every day, we suggest that you wash it every two to three weeks.

 Make is simple, but significant. 

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