How to Heat Re-Style Fiber Wig? Take 1min to Know!

Versatility matters! So, here's a quick and clear answer to how a heat-resistant synthetic fiber wig can be.

How to choose heat-tool resistant wigs and what's the temperature limit?
The best heat-resistant fiber in the market has always been Futura™ fiber, which can withstand heat up to 400℉. If your wig claims to be made of Futura™ or Futura™ blended human hair (a trending hair type), those wigs offer the most versatility, allowing you to apply hot tools directly to them multiple times. Alternatively, you can choose wigs labeled as 400℉ safe.

Straighten the hair and get it re-curled! Checked!


The optimal styling temperature for Futura™ and Futura™ blended fiber hair would be between 320℉ and 360℉, depending on the desired shape. When using flat irons and curling irons on fiber hair, you should keep the heat in contact with the hair for a few more seconds and maintain the desired shape until it completely cools down. Unlike human hair, the curled and straightened fiber hair will hold its shape over time and will not loosen or bend until you heat style it again.

Let's take a real try and see!

Curl it at 350℉ (actually, you can go up to 400℉, and it will be reflected in the tightness of the curls). Done!


Why have some claimed-to-be heat-resistant synthetic wigs failed you?
It's because those wigs are made with synthetic fibers that cannot withstand heat over 320℉. If you apply heat tools such as a curling iron or flat iron to it at 320℉ or below, the heat is not powerful enough to penetrate and reshape the hair (unless you submerge it in boiling water for a long period). However, if you exceed 320℉, the hair will easily melt down.

Ahh! Now there’s one less question of fiber wig!


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