How To Activate & Define The Natural Afro Curly Bang Wig

4 Ways to define curls and combat frizzy, poofy hair

Like all hair types, curls and coils come with a unique set of challenges—and it’s safe to say detangling is somewhere at the top of that list. Regularly detangling your hair is one of the best things you can do to keep it healthy and strong.
Looking for a way to create voluminous, well-styled curls? Mastering the following ways is a great way for those with type 3 or 4 hair to style curls and add volume to any look.

1. Finger comb to activate the curls

The easiest way to achieve the natural afro look is to use your fingers to open the curls, pick it out to get the bouncy curly style.
The ends are the most fragile part of your hair, so section the curls, it’s best to begin at the bottom, then slowly and carefully make your way up to the roots.
Finger combing gives you full control over the accuracy and intensity of your detangling efforts. You get to feel your way through tricky situations and carefully work them apart.

2. Use a hair pick to style the curls

As the hair pick has longer, wider-set teeth, it is the number-one grooming tool choice for afro hair or curly hair types. It not only detangles with minimal tension and damage on the hair strand; it also helps lift from the root, creating big, voluminous hair.
Flip the head over and using your hair pick, pick the hair at the bottom, nearest to the nape of the neck. Comb a couple of inches upwards, towards the roots. Give your head a wiggle: Shake hair, then section it off into manageable parts.
Comb each section through, starting at the root, as this will create the most volume and help shape your style. As you pick at the root, move your hand up and away; it’s better to use short tugging movements to avoid damage.

3. Spray water & detangle the curls with wide-teeth brush

Tangles happen, especially in curly hair. Spray some water to wet it, detangle gently while hair is wet with a wide-toothed comb.

4. Spray water & apply some curl-defining styling products

Spray some water, start defining those curls the is still wet with your favorite curl-defining styling product. Be sure to choose a product designed for curly hair that helps your curls clump together and form defined spirals, coils, or waves while also providing plenty of frizz-fighting power.
Rake your gel, mousse, cream, or other styling product through your curls gently, and scrunch upwards gently to encourage your curls to form. Be sure to coat each strand liberally with product to help curls clump together for a more defined, frizz-free look.

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