Big Day in May for Mama! Choose A Wig that Shows Love and Care

May 14th Mother's Day

Thank You For Being Unconditional Protective Towards Me

Mama likes to hear you believe she raised you well. Mama likes to know you are doing okay. Mama likes to be treated special in very simple ways. You know your mom. Just love her in a way she will know it is from you. It doesn't have to be big and grand, a thoughtful gift is perfect. Like Mama’s unconditional care and protection, you can choose a new crown for Mama to care and protect her hair and scalp.



The best protective style is to respect nature and makes it glow! Just like the name Fearless Nature it’s the no.1 gift choice to celebrate the deep-bonding nature love between you and Mama.Curly Shaggy Bang WigCurly Shaggy Bang Wig

This style looks exactly like your natural hair and can literally throw on and go (with a realistic scalp top look)! Do you know Curly Shaggy Wig is always Gorgius’s thing, our fans call it #TikTokViralWig sometimes. This seasonal drop is even better! It is made of Premium Style Archive™ Fiber so the product will come out of the box as full and voluminous as the picture showed and will hold curls as long as the wig lifespan (which can be 1 year and more for regular use). This trending style is loved by all ages so it will make a thoughtful and infallible gift for all Mama and daughters.

They all loved it!



Remember Mama’s sliced apple? It’s Mama’s selfless love that spoils children in every trivial detail. These wigs with pre-cut lace are the best choice for sending Mama your considerate love. The pre-cut lace takes care of all the hassle steps, a gift that Mama can lay on and go with no lace cutting and glue hassles just like Mama did to your apple snack.
Pre-cut Lace

We got 3 styles to choose from, the first one Brunette Sleek is bolder with face-flattering blond highlight, the second one Brunette Silk is elegant with subtle blond undertone, and the last one Brunette Flip is for long body waves lovers. Indulge Mama’s laziness with either one of the styles or get her all for switch-up!



Here are some stunning salon blowout styles for Mama. Don't worry, all of our Premium Fiber wigs have a hold-curls nature and an easy-to-brush-back feature. They come out-of-the-box styled, so they will definitely free Mama from the styling routine and give her time back to focus on herself.

Lazy Balayage the name means everything. A sun-kissed, well-blend Balayage style, the deep side parting makes it even hotter. Our customers call it “Compliment Attractor”. 
Lazy Balayage | Retro Salon Blowout Loose Wave Premium Fiber Lace Frontal Wig

Effortless Charm beautiful frizz-free roll curls with cheek-side flip out, it’s so elegant and good for daily and work wear.
Effortless Charm | Salon Blowout Natural Black Body Wave Premium Fiber Lace Frontal Wig

Robe de Soirée a little bit more high key but that’s nothing the queen can not handle. This style is luxury and classy just like a evening gown.

Robe de soirée | Bouncy Roll Curly Ombre Brown Premium Fiber Lace Frontal Wig

Flip Fabulous grand flip out that is so gorgeous and so confidence. It’s a good blow-out style for loose wave lovers.

Flip Fabulous | Ombre Brown Mix Blonde Body Wave Pre-Plucked Style Archive Premium Fiber Wig

Kinky Bronze Rock a special kinky straight style, it’s so full, smooth, and voluminous that you can’t believe.Kinky Bronze Rock | Rock-Style Light Brown Kinky Straight Side Part Premium Fiber Wig  
Your mother will love whatever gift you give her, but you can make it 100% perfect by choosing something that she can use in her everyday routine and feel protected with! 


 Wishing You All a Wonderful Celebration  

Mother's Day

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