FYI, This Is How to Treat Your Super Double Drawn Curly Wigs

Different Ways to Treat Different Curls

Get the curly wigs but no idea how to activate them? Here we go, check the following tips & enjoy the amazing volume, fullness & definition of curls from GORGIUS.

1. Curly Shag Bang Wig

Simply, wash it with Moist Shampoo & condition it for 3-5 minutes, then take a pea size bit of the conditioner and scrunch the wig, put her to dry upside down. Better let her air dry, if have to use blow-dryer, blow & diffuse her to 70% dry, and then let her air dry. 

2. Rose Curl Bang Wig

A pick is a must-have for styling our ROSY.
Flip the head over and using your hair pick, pick the hair at the bottom, nearest to the nape of the neck. Pick through as much hair as you would like, starting at the root to create the most volume and help shape your style & frame your face.

3. Super Volume Bang Wig with Afro Look

Get your spray bottle ready because all you need is water and a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner in your spray bottle to activate the curls.
Spray water to wet the hair and brush the curls, the curls bounce back. The more you brush when she’s wet, the prettier the curls are! Add some leave-in conditioner to her, she’s getting more shine & texture!

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