First Anniversary | Every Moment Deserves To Be Celebrated

What a fantastic year!

The first year of Gorgius was filled with heartwarming support as we strive to bring an experience of ever-evolving fashion and glam to you. Before we move into yet another glorious year, let's reflect on this year’s #Gorgiusmoments.

 Oct. 24, 2021

"To break down beauty bias and embrace your diverse selves." With this belief in mind, Gorgius was born.

 Dec. 25, 2021

Our first Tik Tok hit video showed more women how fascinating afro hair can be.

@realgsimone 🥰 @Gorgius_US @Gorgius UK #gorgius #gorgiuswig #defyanddefine #fypage ♬ Baddest - BLEU & Chris Brown & 2 Chainz

 Jan. 8, 2022

The customized-curl unit - shaggy style wig goes viral.

@realgsimone Straight out the box😍😭 @Gorgius_US @Gorgius Live #gorgiuswig #wigs #humanhair ♬ Hrs and Hrs - Muni Long

 Speical thanks to our beauty @realgsimone

 May 23, 2022

Shake and Bomb Series was officially launched, making beauty a breeze by simplifying the install step to the extreme.

@gorgius_official Gorgius Shake and Bomb series 💋convenient & multi-style 💃 #gorgius3stepwig #fyp ♬ original sound - Gorgius

 Sept. 1. 2022

#Gorgius3stepwig has surpassed 6 million views on Tik Tok.

 Till now...

The sincere and valuable feedback we have received has been the driving force behind our continuous improvement.


You are the witnesses of these moments
We'd like to be your companions in your moments
Whether it's work, dating, concert,  wedding...
Join #Gorgiusmoments  on Tik Tok and share your "gorgius" moments to celebrate with us!


There is beauty in simplicity.


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