80’s Barbie Core!!! Are You Ready for the Movie and the Styles?

We’ve been talking about Ryan Gosling’s funny-looking neon roller skating outfits and the overwhelmed pink set for years, though with the movie coming in, it’s easy to find yourself obsessed with the pinky vibe and the Gosling-Ken charm. Let’s take a look at some latest fun news!

Pink is the new Black

This 60-year-old doll is all about bright pink, lots of sparkles, rhinestones, and charms. And if you're also into vintage gingham sets, western flare jeans, and neon mini skirts, welcome to BCU (that's the Barbie Cinematic Universe, FYI). Barbiecore is about expressing your inner child and having fun with your outfit, so don't you dare worry about age and being too dramatic. As you can see, this hot pink trend has taken Instagram and the red carpet by storm.

Pink dress and blond hair is a classic combination, and blond is not only white skin’s thing. Dark-skinned girls can also nail the #613 look easily

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Another winning combination should be natural black hair x vintage pink elements. This seems like a look that you can go as workday causal or vacation chill.

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Play it Cool - Barbie the Album

If it’s your first time to see this video, have a guess on who these two barbies are?
@barbiethealbum Behind the Scenes of the Making of #BarbieWorld ♬ original sound - Barbie The Album
The video featured ICE SPICE  ‘THE PEOPLE’S PRINCESS’ OF RAP iconic afro style, and our favorite RAP QUEEN NICKI classic long jet black hair. Who said barbie should always go for wavy elegant hair, just play it cool!

Barbie and Anti-Barbie

We call all the dolls Barbie, and Barbie is everyone. The first barbie was created in 1959, until 1969 The first black Barbie doll, Christie, was introduced. In 2016, Mattel launch # #TheDollEvolves campaign giving the concept of barbie a whole makeover. And 2023 we have the movie that tell this barbie can be anyone they are and anyone they want to be.

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