8 Best Colored Hair To Try For Winter In 2021

Wanna try some new color hair but no idea? Let us walk you through!

1. This AMBER RED for Winter

You don't need super-long hair to wear color, as demonstrated by this sleek, wavy layers lob. Look at all those rich, warm tones! 

2. This CHESTNUT BROWN for Winter

Of course, brown is a super obvious hair color trend for the winter, but this time around, it’s all about adding depth. Try out a chestnut brown color (aka a brunette shade with coppery undertones). 

3. This COOL-TONE BALAYAGE for Winter

Sometimes it's not about a total color change but more about making small yet noticeable tweaks.

4. This STRAWBERRY RED for Winter

Can we talk about how effing pretty the red hair inspired by Keke Palmer's look? Another excellent option for winter, this color is a great way to bring out a little warmth during an otherwise boring, blah season.

5. This PUMPKIN SPICE for Winter

Not red yet but planning on making a winter hair color change? Stick to copper undertones instead.

6. This ROOTY BLONDE for Winter

This strong shadow root is for the person who either can't decide between blonde and brunette. For this hair color trend, you want your roots super dark and your ends very light.


Warm-brown hair with streaks of golden highlights is one of those color combos that looks good year-round, but it takes on a cozier vibe during fall and winter months.

What do you get when you mix a little blonde with a little brown, and some dark roots? The face-framing lowlights and a creamy brown base, like this, that looks great all year long. 

Colored hair has the power to convey energy, youth, and fun in such an incredible way. These days, no one should judge anyone's any style, all you need to do is find your shade and go for it.




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