$40-ish, $100-ish, or $300-ish Wigs? A Real Practical Pick Out Guide from a Seasoned PRO

It can be very bothering to figure out the wig prices since wigs have different lengths, styles, and even lace and others. If you are a newbie or a lazy shopper, you probably googled it before but only got the big numbers. 
wig price
RELAX! I am not going to do that to you. Let’s see.

$40-ish, works for synthetic

For the price $20 you can get a synthetic wig with terrible hairline and no lace (normally with bang), and when the price goes up to $40+, you can get a lace synthetic wig that has better hairline and parting. It’s rare to get ok quality human hair wig in this price range, but luckily the synthetic one can fulfill your short-time wear needs and selfie needs.

Promising review: With lace so the parting area and hairline are more human like. Though the texture is wiggy the color is shiny and not so natural, the price makes you want to give it a chance.

Second thoughts: Synthetic hair tangles so easily  it’s not a smart choice to wear it out cause the fiber will twine, and the curls will mess up, which makes the hair look very fiber-y (dry, rigid, tough). It better stays in my selfie.

$100-ish, the secret is to find the balance

Jumping up to this price range, you can choose human hair wigs and also improved-level synthetic wigs.

$100-ish human hair seems to be a fair price though you will find the annoying limitation very soon. It is such a bummer to see an appealing collarbone-length product pic pricing $99 and then click in to find out that's only for the bob length.
Normally for $100-150, you can get a 8-14'' standard quality wig with T-part lace or 5x5 lace. When it comes to 14-18’’, the price can easily reach $200 and up.

I am a long hair sticker and a color tryer but the price for a human hair one is crazy! So I found myself a smarter budget choice. Voila Premium Fiber! Those high quality synthetic fiber wigs are normally priced around $80-120 (even for 28-30’’ long style), and the hair quality is so much better than the $40-ish one (sometime can't identify them from human hair) I would say that’s a perfectly balanced choice in naturalness, styles, and budget.

Gorgius Premium Fiber

Gorgius Premium Fiber?

Gorgius claims that they have Style-Archive™ Fiber that is blended with the most well-known Futura fiber and a certain proportion of human hair. I made a WOW the first time I got their fiber wig, it totally looks like human hair without the shimmer luster that other synthetic one typically has and it literally has the healthy human hair sleekness. I sometimes can’t even tell it’s synthetic by touching the surface, though you can tell by finger combing it (maybe it's a little bit hard for the newbies). I can not say it’s 100% as real as human hair but it is so much closer than other synthetic. It really WOWs me of the imitation.

@gorgius_official This color is everything #gorgiuswig #gorgiushair #gorgius #wig #fyp #gluelesswig #tiktokviralwig #vibes #lifestyle #haircolorchallenge ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Synthetic wig will not lose curls and shape as human hair does which save me from restyling the curls all the time. That's another reason I keep shopping for high quality synthetic wigs (but not the $40-ish one). It's a disaster when I wear the $40-ish one out, it got twined and messed up so quickly and it's impossible to fix it. In that case, I would say Gorgius Premium Fiber wig is more practical since it's not that easy to tangle and it’s able to brush smooth. I can find videos of people dancing or going to a party wearing it, it seems to hold on well. With all these features I can now switch up for all the long hairstyles I like at a lovely price and wear them out with fewer hassles.

$300-ish, good quality wig has no price ceiling

If you're willing to spend $300 or more, you can get a longer wig made of high-quality virgin hair that in 20-24’’. Longer hair gives you more styling options, especially wavy and curly styles, but it takes more time and effort to maintain the look. Human hair is sensitive to heat, humidity, and physical manipulation, so your curls and style may not last long. You need to clean and restyle your wig often to keep it looking great. Personally, I only splurge on a wig this expensive for really special occasions, and I always go to a stylist to make sure my hair stays fabulous all day long.

Now you know the feature difference for different price range wig you can target the right products directly base on your prioritization. Happy Shopping!


 Buying is A Profound Pleasure. 


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