One Tip That Make Your Hair Look BOMB

How did our beauties get such voluminous and popping curls? Taking note of this tip before you install a wig will bring you a 10/10 hair look and 1000/10 self!

During transport, the package is squeezed, so the curl pattern may get deformed. Don't worry, it's easy to revive our wigs that are made of high-quality human hair.

All you need to is grab the wig cap upside down and give it a few extra shakes to get the curls all out. Play with the curls and let’s see who’s the best shaker!

This will help the deformed hair back into place and also remove some short hair, giving you more defined and sophisticated look.

After this, you can just put it on and go, or you can apply some mousse / conditioner / curl activator to define the curls more.

Shake out and go in 5 minutes. You definitely need it for a quick gorgius look!

Head up, gorgeous.

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