About Gorgius

Gorgius is a beauty-inspired fashion brand by brains that ask: what is ingenuity? What makes all of us gorgeous? What is it that generations of brilliant thinker-&-doers have fully and tirelessly devoted to?

It’s the need for self-establishment. The need to embrace beauty in jaw-dropping pioneering fashions.

It means to break away from behind-the-tides customs and defy any and all “accepted conventions” that confine originality and uniqueness. What follows is the creation of inimitable trends by inspirations from being: spirit-lifting lyrics, rhythmic beats, dance moves that exude chi, drawing strokes that writes characteristics, and so so many more!

Gorgius strives to make it a fun and enjoyable journey. The goal of fashion is to bring out the ingenuity and rareness within each and every one of us, and it can be –and it should be- done in a stress-free and mood enlightening way. How chillin′ it’d be to chase something truly genius and pleasurable!

Join Gorgius in the search for individuality and matchlessness as we aspire to provide just a smidge of diversity and distinctiveness to color up your daily routines.

You are already gorgeous! Now, let’s defy and define.